Calculus 2 Free Content

L’Hopital – the man who lent his name to L’Hopital’s rule.

Calculus 2 Content: This content supports the teaching of the harder HL integration like substitution and by parts, Maclaurin series, L’Hopital’s rule and differential equations.

Worksheets in premium set: There are 9 worksheets (around 20 pdf pages of questions and around 60 pdf pages of fully typed solutions)

This topic draws together algebraic skills, graphical understanding, calculus proficiency and an ability to apply to a real world context.

Example of integration by parts worksheet:

Click to access 11integration-by-parts-.pdf

Example of differential equation worksheet:

Click to access 12homogenous-differential-.pdf

Example of markscheme

Click to access 12homogenous-differential-MS.pdf