Algebra Free Content

Algebra content: Sequences, Binomials, Counting Principles, Proof, Exponents, Logs and Complex Numbers

Worksheets in the premium set: 22 worksheets (around 45 pdf pages of questions and around 80 pdf pages of fully typed solutions)

The algebra content contains a mixture of shorter answer questions and longer past paper style questions.

Sequences example:

Click to access 6Sequences-mixed-pp-hw.pdf

Markscheme example:

Click to access 6Sequences-mixed-pp-hw-MS.pdf

Binomials, Counting Principles and Proof example:

Click to access Binomials-III-Fractional-and-Negative.pdf

Exponents and logs example 

Click to access laws-of-logs.pdf

Complex numbers example:

Click to access complex-numbers-5-Roots-of-unity-.pdf