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All content on this site has been written by Andrew Chambers (MSc. Mathematics, IB Maths Examiner, IB Maths Content Curator).

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Welcome to intermathematics!

On this site you will find over 1200+ pages of pdf and flipchart content to help teachers at international schools around the world.

The content includes:

1. Over 120 original pdf worksheets designed to cover the Analysis and Interpretations SL and HL syllabus.  Each worksheet is designed to last between 40 minutes and 1 hour and combines skills practice and past paper style questions. These have fully typed up worked solutions.  

2. Twenty original Paper 3 investigations.  Each investigation is designed to last between 90 minutes and 2 hours.  Fully worked solutions are also provided. 

3. An  Exploration Guide (60 pages) to introduce students to the essentials behind getting an excellent mark on their exploration coursework. A Modeling for Explorations Guide (50 pages) to support the use of non-calculator regression techniques and use of technology in modeling tasks. A Statistics for Explorations Guide (50 pages) to provide a large range of statistical methods presented in the form of mini coursework investigations.

4. Mock exam papers: I have made a Paper 1 and Paper 2 SL (both 80 marks) and Paper 1 and Paper 2 HL full mock exam paper (both 110 marks) for the new syllabus. These are designed to look and feel like the real exam papers.

5. Enrichment and engaging classroom activities, such as maths club activities, treasure hunts, quizzes, enriching investigations tasks, coding with Python guides and more.

6. Modern technological integration – full Desmos support. I’ve produced a large number of technology rich activities which utilize the full capabilities of Desmos – such as in statistics tasks, modeling activities and in calculus.

7. 35 flip-chart quizzes specifically covering the IGCSE 0580 syllabus – each with around 20 pages and worked solutions to exam questions along with full worked solution notes for both the IGCSE 0580 syllabus and the IGCSE 0606 Additional syllabus.

Below you can scroll down to download some examples of worksheets provided.

Sequences teaching pack (47 page pdf):

Introduction pack (35 page pdf)

Eight Paper 3 Investigations ( 20 page pdf)

Statistical investigation (6 page pdf)

You can download these files here:

File Last Modified Download
Introduction pack 2021/09/26 Download
Sequences teaching pack 2021/09/26 Download
Eight Paper 3 investigations 2021/09/26 Download
Statistical investigation with Desmos MS 2021/08/28 Download

New content is also being added all the time – content added in the last few weeks includes:

4 weeks ago:  A normal distribution investigation, a speed differentiation challenge, a binomial expansion treasure hunt, a normal distribution treasure hunt, a guess and check integration activity, using Python for maths exploration and more.

3 week ago:  A Paper 1 SL (80 marks) full mock exam paper,  a Paper 1 HL (110 marks) full mock exam paper.   Both of these are designed to look and feel like a real past paper.  Perfect for extra revision!  Also a 50 page code breaking resource pack for enrichment activities and a Geogebra enrichment activity on Euler’s 9 point circle.

2 week ago: A Paper 2 SL (80 marks) full mock exam paper,  a Paper 2 HL (110 marks) full mock exam paper.   Both of these are designed to look and feel like a real past paper.  An enrichment sequence investigation designed to last up to one lesson, an enrichment fun with function investigation  also designed to last one full lesson.

1 week ago: A functions hunter investigation into odd and even functions, a Benford’s Law activity, a comprehensive radioactive decay lesson including dice data simulation and modelling with Desmos, a volume hunter volume of revolution activity and a pair of in-depth explorations into modelling the motion of a ball rolling on a cosine curve and also on a generalised curve.  

If you are interested in membership of this site then please explore the free content sections in more detail and click here to join.  I’ll be happy to help with any questions!