All content is original and written by an experienced IB teacher and IB examiner (MSc. mathematics) with over a decade experience in making websites and resources for international teachers.

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ibmathsresources.com : This is one of the largest IB maths websites online, with over 200 original posts about all things mathematical, as well as plenty of resources to support IB teachers and students.

schoolcodebreaking.com :  This is a code breaking website that I made to show the links between maths and code breaking.  Recently this hosted a FOBISIA competition which over 10,000 students from 75 school across Asia took part in.

Collectively these sites have had over 10 million views and my maths resources on TES have been downloaded well over 1 million times. 

I genuinely believe that the resources on this site will save international school teachers and tutors hundreds of hours of work. There are over 3000 pdf pages of content developed over many years and I think will really help both teachers and students. Feel free to explore the free resources section to get a feel for what is provided.  You can also contact me below.




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