Calculus 1 Free Content

Differentiation from first principles

Calculus 1 Overview: This section supports the teaching of the entire differentiation syllabus and the main ideas within integration.

Calculus 1 worksheets in premium set: 19 worksheets (around 40 pdf pages of questions and around 60 pdf pages of fully typed solutions)

For this section I’ve used both Desmos and Geogebra throughout.

Example on increasing and decreasing functions:

Click to access 5increasing-decreasing-and-stationary-points.pdf

Example markscheme

Click to access 5increasing-decreasing-and-stationary-points-MS.pdf

Example on volume of revolution:

Click to access 6Volume-of-revolution.pdf

Example area between curves:

Click to access 3area-2-curves-and-FTC.pdf