All content on this site has been written by Andrew Chambers (MSc. Mathematics, IB Maths Examiner, IB Content Curator).


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Welcome to intermathematics!

On this site you will find over 1000+ pages of pdf and flipchart content to help teachers at international schools around the world.

Having previously set up and run ibmathsresources.com, I wanted to set up something to support IB teachers. My main focus has been on providing resources for IB SL and HL Analysis teachers – though I will continue to expand this throughout the year.

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Example worksheets and investigations

Worksheet 1: Volume of Revolution

Click to access 6Volume-of-revolution-v2.pdf

Worksheet 2: Real life optimisation

Click to access 8optimisation-v2.pdf

Worksheet 2: Investigation of complex roots

Click to access graphically-understanding-complex-roots.pdf

Worksheet 4: Investigating rotating curves

Click to access rotate-curve.pdf